There is a saying "Music is the Universal Language". Since there are so many types of music I think it must be pretty good assessment. However one style of music reaches far and beyond and into the universe when performed with authenticity. On many occasions I have observed the audience that David John and the Comstock Cowboys attract and it is huge and diverse. Many young people are as captivated, mesmerized and delighted as we senior citizens are.  The music says so much and means as much. Because David John and the Comstock Cowboys have brought back the pure Western Music in its truest form they have a following that literally grows with every performance. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy them for a very long time and it always delights me when I hear people say, "Where have these guys been all my life". So the newness of their popularity is regenerated continuously and never ends, Unlike the so called country western bands and singers currently rising to the top only to be bumped and dismissed by yet another overnight success that replaces them. Commercialism, record labels, and the all-mighty-dollar, I suspect, have a lot to do with this redundant and over-exposed music.  You can disagree with this assessment, but if you do, listen to David John and the Comstock Cowboys and then tell me I am wrong.  

Review:  (article taken from THE HORSE TALES November 10, 2007 written by Sharon De Carlo)