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David John and the Comstock Cowboys Fan Club Membership Application

                  One person is $22.00 for a 2 year membership. This includes a $2.00 discount on CD's only (couples are $44.00). You will receive a quarterly newsletter as well. Other benefits for "Fan Club Members Only" (watch the newsletters for these promotions) Please complete the following information and return the application with your membership fee to :

 Comstock Cowboys Fan Club  P.O. Box 994  Virginia City, NV. 89440 - Telephone: 1-775-781-0995  ask for  Dien

 Or you may correspond with us by email at [email protected] 

Name (printed):___________________________________________________Date:____________________

Name (printed):___________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________



When did you first hear about David John and the Comstock Cowboys?_________________________________________


How many CD's do you own?_____Circle our favorite CD. 1. Songs of the Old West  /  2. Calico 3. Runaway Train   

4. Legends of the West  /  5. Break it to the Cowboy  /  6. I Was Never Alone / 7. Cowboys Ol' Fiddles and Wine / 8. Nashville Sessions  

9. Gather 'Round Cowboys  / 10. Boys from the 50's  / 11. Christmas in the Sierra   /  12. Songslinger / 13. One last Man Train

14.  Last Man Standing OR   15. Blues, Ballads and Barstools  / USE THE BACK OF THE PAGE TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.

Do you have our DVD?______________if yes, did you like it?________________________________________________________

My hobbies are?___________________________________________________________________________________________

Are you retired? _______What did you retire from ___________________What's your occupation_________________________

Tell us what you would like friends to know (like did you just move here ) about you in the news letter?______________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you have any questions about the band?__________________________________________________________

What's your favorite event that we do?_________________________________________________________________________

ENCLOSE A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR PAYMENT (No Credit Cards ) For office use only

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